Build an iconic industry

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Printing and packaging industry is one of the traditional pillar industries in CANGNAN . In recent years, our county keeps on promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry by stimulating technical transformation, industrial agglomeration and so on. ZHEJIANG YUSHI packaging materials Co,.Ltd was one of them, the enterprise rely on a big data and 5G mobile communication network technology , makes the first step with intelligent manufacturing, to build an iconic industry of digital enabling factories in the printing industry.

Recently , the staff members in the intelligent control room is installing and set up the new system of Aluminized packaging materials at the production plant of ZHEJIANG YUSHI packaging materials Co,.Ltd in JINXIANG town

ZHUJIE project director , Nanjing ZHISHU technology Co.,Ltd :
“Our current ingredients, whether it’s toner or some chemical principle, are measured in grams. When have automatic batching system, we can assure that the margin of error is 5%, so that can make sure that the ingredients are getting more and more accurate ,and the quality is getting higher and higher in the production process.”

GUO BIXIAO , manager of Information Engineering department ,ZHEJIANG YUSHI packaging materials Co,.Ltd
“We can know more about the current state of the materials , such as the production state of the original film and the state of the production process, it also includes the warehouse inventory, ultimately to the logistics ,and the overall situation of the warehouse, we are the first time to know ,so that we can avoid material shortage, or can not find the problem of the finished product in the production process.”

Established in 1988 ,ZHEJIANG YUESHI packaging materials Co.,Ltd produces aluminized packaging materials which are mainly used for hot stamping on the tobacco and liquor packaging.After more than 20 years of development, the enterprise not only in GUANGDONG, Vietnam, but also in Russia, Poland, the Netherlands and other places set up more than 10 overseas marketing companies. In order to reach the world better, YUSHI invested more than 15 million yuan last year, in cooperation with Nanjing ZHISHU technology Co., Ltd , we began to independently develop intelligent manufacturing system and equipment for aluminized packaging material manufacturing.

LINXIAO, general manager of ZHEJIANG YUSHI packaging materials Co., Ltd
“The main reason is that can minimize manual operation and let machines operate to avoid artificial factors. The second reason is that the files and production process of all products need to be digitized. Once the product is not good ,it can ba traced back . What was the problem at the time, so that we can improve it next time .”

Precision, efficiency and traceability are the key words of this system , which will also be the factors for YUSHI to compete for the international market .At present , YUSHI products are directly supplied overseas, accounting for 60% of the total sales volume. With the development of the times, international companies cooperating with YUSHI have higher and higher requirements for products,which also promotes enterprise to move towards intelligent manufacturing.

 LINXIAO, general manager of ZHEJIANG YUSHI packaging materials Co., Ltd
“Now that the electronic file has been proposed, it means that all product information needs to be digitized. Not only do I provide a digital file , I also provide a real-time file. As the 5G network opens , I will send the real-time data to clients. It will be more believable for the clients.

Digitization has incomparable advantages over traditional methods in effectively reducing resources and energy consumption and reducing personnel burden. Digital enabling factory , accelerate the digital transformation of the industry . YUSHI keeps up the pace of the times, and gets a foot in printing and packaging industry.

 LINXIAO, general manager of ZHEJIANG YUSHI packaging materials Co., Ltd
After all of the data have been digitized , we may be the only one in the world that can provide the real-time and digital files in the near future. We also hope to take advantage of this intellectualized reconstruction , we are likely to become a global bench marking enterprise in the next reconstruction.